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Dal 1999 a fianco dei Nativi Americani

Viaggi nelle riserve dei nativi americani: programmi ed itinerari futuri

Dal 1999 nelle riserve indiane. Vieni con noi nelle riserve per aiutare i lakota, gli apache, i navajo, gli hopi, gli zuni, i cherokee ecc. a preservare la loro cultura, le loro cerimonie, la loro storia. 


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Luoghi e Località

Alcuni luoghi ed alcune località che solitamente visitiamo durante i nostri viaggi annuali nelle riserve dei nativi americani.


Sezione dedicata ai libri, soprattutto scritti da ragazzi  "freelance"

Richard Giago

Un grande artista, Oglala, che insegna ai ragazzi come fabbricare ed usare gli archi tradizionali, acquistabili da tutti.

The Quilt Maker

Le meravigliole coperte lakota fatte da Carol, che potete acquistare da lei direttamente.

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Sentiero Rosso, dal 1999 nelle riserve degli indiani d'America


Be part of a Sacred Circle
If your dream is to visit an Indian reservation "not in a touristic way" and to be part of the Sacred Circle of the Native Americans you are in the right place.
With us, in fact, you will have the possibility to live a unique experience together with the Indians and you will participate personally to their sacred ceremonies, usually - off limits – for tourists.
Our travels are aming to allow the visitor to approach the Indian culture and the Reservations in a global way, true, without fictions, showing the real life of the native people who live in South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota, also giving you the possibility to support them directly visiting their shelters for infants and adults. Our groups will have the honor to live the Sun Dance, the most important religious ceremony, to support the native sundancers, the Sweat Lodge and even the Vision Quest.
We are traveling on road with comfortable cars, sleeping in cottages, ranches, motels and tents. We are visiting the Sacred Territories, as for example Bear Butte, Black Hills, Badlands, Little Bighorn, Wounded Knee, Fort Robinson e Devil’s Tower, and obviously in the secret places where the Sun Dance takes place. Best time of the year to visit the incredible and endless Middle West roads is summer and all the Native ceremonies take place right in June, July, August, and September. You will visit sites like “Old Town 1880”, an authentic 1880 town with the museum dedicated to the famous Kevin Costner’s movie “Dance with the Wolfs”, and you can even cross the Black Hills of South Dakota on air balloon, on horseback or on a 1880 coal train. Indian guides together with American and European staff will escort you through the beauties of these States showing you accurately the Crow, Cheyenne, Lakota, Shoshone and Arapaho for about two weeks giving you the possibility to live your 360° spiritual experience with the Native Americans.
And even more, a dive into the Western life with a mythic Cody rodeo, the Line dance, the Two Steps and the restaurants where you will taste the Tex-Mex food, with a visit to the National Yellowstone Park, to the Gran Teton and to all the towns that lived the Gold Rush of the year 1880, like Hill City, Keystone, Custer City, Spearfish and finally to the fabulous Deadwood with the unforgettable Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane myth. Here you can get the feeling of entering a real Gold digging mine. If you love Harley Davidson, you won’t miss our visit to Sturgis, the “mother” of all the world motorcycle rallies.
The above mentioned is only part of what you could live if you decide to participate to one of our Adventures. For obvious reasons, there is a limited number of travelers, so donate to yourself this unforgettable experience that will bring you closer to the Indian spirituality and it will help you to discover personal feelings very deep.